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It has been our experience that no one can control or predict when they’ll be arrested. We have no control over when the police bring you in. What we can control is when you’ll be released from jail.

Here at Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds, it’s our goal to get you out of jail and reunited with your family as quickly as possible. That’s one of the main reasons we are available 24/7. That’s right, Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds is never closed.

We don’t care if it’s the middle of the night on a holiday, we encourage you to contact us as soon as you’re arrested. The benefits of contacting us as soon as you’ve been booked include:

• You’ll feel better knowing that we’re in your corner
• You’ll sleep better when once you’re in your own bed
• Your family will worry less once you’re at home
• There’s less chance of you accidentally saying something that could incriminate you
• You don’t have to worry about missing a single work shift.

To learn more about posting bail in California, call us at 661-272-0151 or click the Chat With Us link.

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We Offer FREE, 24/7 Consultations

The ability to instantly connect with one of the bail bonds experts doesn’t disappear once you’ve signed a contract. The entire time you’re an Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds client, you’re welcome to contact us at any point of the day or night and ask any questions that have cropped up.

Our free, 24/7 consultations aren’t limited to individuals who have been arrested. We’re also happy to talk to the loved ones who are trying to figure out how they can help. We’re ready and willing to explain the rights and responsibilities of co-signers.

Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds has been in business for several decades. Over the years we’ve established a reputation for being discrete, providing excellent customer service, and always being available.
There are several reasons why we’re California’s most popular bail bonds service, including:

• Simple contracts
• 24/7 service
Phone consultations
• Online consultations
• Zero worry about hidden fees
• Zero-interest bail bond
• Fast service
• Discretion

For a free consultation, call 661-272-0151 or click the Chat With Us link.