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Helping People Get out of Jail

All industries have a few bad eggs. The world of bail bonds is no exception. While most of the businesses and people involved in California’s bail bond industry are really good, there are a few that are more interested in running a scam than actually helping people get out of jail.

The good news is that you can learn to spot the early warning signs of a bail bond scam.

They Contact You

Here at Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds, we can attest that we don’t need to chase after clients. No honest bail bond agency is going to actively scout for new clients. You must contact them, not the other way around. If you get a call from someone who says that someone you love has been arrested and that they can help, you should hang up the phone.

The way this particular bail bond scam works is that the caller wants you to panic and provide them with your credit card number. Once they have the number, they’ll hang up the phone, and you’ll never hear from them again. Never provide any type of financial information to anyone who calls you.

They Don’t Have a Contract

No legit bail bonds agency will agree to do anything without a contract. This contract is quite detailed and will lay out all the terms of the bail. If you’re making payments, the dates each payment is due will be listed. The full amount will be included. The agency’s contact information will be easy to find. Any bail bond agency that says handing over their credit card number is all that they require is running a scam.

They Refuse to Meet Face to Face

While you’re not required to meet the bail bond expert you’re dealing with, the option should be available. If you suggest a face-to-face meeting with a bail bond expert and they start to get jumpy and try talking you out of it, you should assume that they are running a scam. The same is true if they refuse to provide you with a verifiable address.

Additional red flags include:

  • They keep talking about how the entire process is easy, that all you have to do is hand over your credit card
  • They never provide direct answers to your questions
  • They aren’t aware of any bail restrictions
  • They want you to send the money via wire transfer

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Rather than wasting your time with fraudsters, contact Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds. We’re a legit bail bond agency that has been serving California for multiple decades. We’re ready and willing to help your loved one get out of jail.

Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds is available 24/7. All consultations are completely free. Contact us today and learn how good it feels to work with a company that truly wants you released from jail and reunited with your family.

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