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How to Prepare for Your Court Appearance


Preparing for court, specifically as a defendant, can be very nerve-racking. It might seem like an odd comparison, but think of it like an interview. You need to appear professional and mature. You must be honest. You cannot let emotion overcome you. Here are some helpful pointers in preparing for your court date.

    ● You should dress professionally. Remove sunglasses and hats. Do not wear flashy and distracting jewelry.
    ● You need to arrive on time, orbetter yet, arrive early.
    ● You should not chew gum.
    ● Turn off your cell phone.
    ● Speak clearly when you are spoken to. Say “yes” and “no” when warranted, do not shake your head to indicate those answers.
    ● Acknowledge the judge as Your Honor.
    ● Have any necessary paperwork ready.
    ● Do not get angry and argumentative...

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