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Palmdale Bail Bond Store Puts You First


Palmdale Bail Bond Store is a stand up, respectable, and honorable bail bond company in California. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and many helpful and dedicated employees, the company will only continue to grow. Other bail bond companies may have more experience, but Palmdale Bail Bond Store sees more satisfied customers, including customers who are referred to us through their own friends and family members who have worked with us. That’s certainly saying something.

We have one goal: successfully bail our clients out of jail. We don’t discriminate based on income level or anything and we also do not judge. We do not charge inflated prices and fees and we do not take advantage of clients and their loved ones...

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What To Expect When You’re Arrested And Booked


Immediately after someone is arrested, they will be booked. This booking process is to document the person’s information to have on record, creating an official arrest record.

Here’s what happens:

    ● The defendant’s personal information will be taken, such as name, date of birth, height, weight, etc.
    ● The crime for which the suspect was arrested for will be taken.
    ● The defendant will take a series of mug shots.
    ● The defendant will relinquish clothes and small personal items they had to the police; they will not be thrown out, but instead stored then returned if and when the defendant posts bail.
    ● Fingerprints will be taken.
    ● The police will do a full body search, where the defendant will have to remove their clothes.
    ● The police will search the databases...

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What The 8th Amendment Means For Palmdale Bail Bond Store


The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects us from excessive bail (as well as excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment). This amendment is an order towards the government to not use their power to impose unduly harsh penalties on criminal defendants. But even with this amendment, many bail prices (particular those for the most serious crimes) sound excessive anyway. This is a matter we at Palmdale Bail Bond Store cannot change, but it is a matter we can assist you with, if you or a loved one have been arrested and granted bail.

First, no matter what bail price the judge has ordered, know that Palmdale Bail Bond Store can help you out. There is no minimum bail price in order to qualify for a bail bond. The only qualification: you’re in jail, have been granted ba...

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THESE Are Real Laws In California?!


You can be arrested for robbing a store, running a red light, being drunk in public, and kidnapping another person. Crimes like these, and punishment, is obvious. But did you know that in some places of California, it can be illegal for a man to kiss a woman, or it can be illegal if you’re not wearing a matching jacket and pants? You read that right, and yes, that is outrageous. But believe it or not, those are laws written in the official rule books.

Here are some more of California’s looniest laws:

    ● Women may not drive in a house coat. Alert the fashion police!
    ● No animals may mate within 1,500 feet of a school or place of worship. So who get’s punished if two free birds hatch eggs in a nest on a tree right outside the school?
    ● Pinball machines are illegal in El Monte...

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Cyberbullying, And How It Relates To Rosamond Bail Bond Store


Cyberbullying (intentionally posting personal information of and/ or harassing another person by electronic communication like texts, emails, and social media with the intent of causing fear) seems like a rather harmless crime but in California, it’s taken very seriously. Cyberbullying has led victims to harm themselves, commit suicide, or act out and harm others.

Subject to a fine of up to $1,000, and a jail sentence of up to 1 year, cyberbullying itself is a misdemeanor conviction. It happens most amongst students but can and does happen amongst adults too.

School educators and administrators are trained to look out for signs of cyberbullying. There is a procedure they must follow when a cyberbullying case is identified and reported.

As mentioned, bullying cases can lead to more ser...

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