Secrets Don’t Make Friends

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Secrets Don’t Make Friends

Not telling the whole truth is a lie. That means little lies, are still lies. Lies often build upon each other and get messy. They get messier as time goes on because you’re constantly trying to keep them straight. You basically end up in a web full lies that will only suffocate you in the end. Despite knowing all of this, people still lie.

Telling lies will not only hurt you, but the people around you as well. Lies will hurt your friends, family, and anyone who is involved with the lie. Not only will they get hurt, but their feelings will get hurt too. The worst part about hurt feelings is that you can’t always fix them. Feelings depend on the individual who owns them.

Juggling the lie is an exhausting task in itself. Having to remember what is true, and what is false gets difficult. You’ll end up getting lost in the lies and is it really even worth it? If you’re hiding something from your loved ones, is it really worth it? If whatever you’re hiding can result in you getting into trouble, it may be best for your loved ones to know. They’ll be able to help you out because they know what is truly going on.

Telling lies will end with your loved ones not trusting you. The truth will ultimately come out in the end and your loved ones might not understand why you decided to lie in the first place. You may lose their trust and that is something that does not always come back. Once you lose their trust they may not want to help you out when you get caught in a sticky situation. You’ll always need to have someone in your life that can offer their assistance because if you don’t, who’s going to post your bail?

Telling lies is an easy thing to do at times. Telling the truth is sometimes like ripping a Band-Aid off; it’s going to hurt at first, but eventually it will be fine. Telling a lie is like peeling a Band-Aid off slowly but when you get to a really sticky part you just put another Band-Aid on top of that. Eventually you’ll end up under a pile of Ban-Aids and nobody wants that. Being upfront and honest will help you keep your loved ones respect and trust. Save yourself the struggle, and just tell the truth.