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How to Prepare for Your Arraignment Process

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You should take your arraignment process very seriously. Not only is it the first time you’ll formally hear the charges you face and get to tell the court that you’re innocent or guilty, but it is also when the judge determines if you’ll be granted bail, how high that bail will be, and if any […]

How to Keep Your Life on Track While You’re Out on Bail

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Just because you have been released from jail on a bail bond doesn’t mean your life will go back to being completely normal. You’ve only been released from jail. Official criminal charges against you will still impact your living over the next few months. You must keep your life on track and organized until your […]

How Parking Tickets Impact your Driving in California

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Very few drivers in California haven’t received at least one traffic ticket. In most cases, the driver sputters a little bit, pays the fine, and moves on with their life. However, some California drivers have racked up lots of parking tickets. There are two reasons drivers fail to pay for their tickets. First, they simply […]

What Happens During a Wellness Check

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A Wellness check, is sometimes referred to as welfare checks, are a service offered by your local police department. At the request of a concerned person, an officer stops at a person’s house and ensures that everything is okay. You may request a wellness check for a loved one for several reasons. Common reasons to […]

Get Out of Jail Quickly And Affordably with Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds

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No one wants to spend anymore time inside a jail cell than absolutely necessary. Here at Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds we understand your sense of urgency. When you sign a bail bond contract with us, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get you out of jail […]

How to Get a Phone Approval Bail Bond

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Palmdale Bail Bondsman & Bail Bonds has a long history with California’s justice system. We’ve spent the past several years writing bail bonds for people all over the state after they’ve been charged with a crime and arrested. We’ve lost count of the number of bail bonds we’ve posted. When it comes to a bail […]

California’s 3 Most Common Driving Infractions

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Every single day, hundreds of drivers throughout the state of California receive traffic violations also known as driving infractions. While obtaining a ticket for many things is possible, some traffic violations are more common than others. Driving Infractions: Speeding While there aren’t any hard stats showing how many speeding tickets are written by California patrol […]

Traveling with a Motorcycle Group? Follow These Safety Tips

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There are multiple perks to traveling with a motorcycle group as opposed to riding on your own. The top two are that having people along who are as passionate about motorcycles as you makes the entire trip more enjoyable, and that traveling with a group is safer than riding solo. If you’re planning a group […]

Catalytic Converter Theft in California

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Catalytic converter theft is a serious problem that, for some reason, isn’t getting nearly the media attention it should. According to data posted by KSBY-6 reported that in California, State Farm Insurance handled approximately 4,507 catalytic converter thefts in 2020. The total payout for these claims was roughly $10.8 million. The numbers doubled in 2021. […]

What is Obstruction of Justice & Examples

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You’re probably familiar with the term obstruction of justice, but do you actually know what it means? Cornell Law School defines obstruction of justice as: “Obstruction of justice broadly refers to actions by individuals that illegally prevent or influence the outcome of a government proceeding. While the quintessential example of obstruction of justice involves tampering […]