What to expect when someone requests my criminal record

Santa Clarita Bail Bond Store

When a request is made for a criminal record, that information must be provided in honesty – honesty from you to provide correct information, and honesty from the party who requested the information, to keep it confidential. Here are some of the fields that may appear on a criminal record:

  • Basic information (name, age, driver’s license, address, etc.)
  • Misdemeanors or felonies (infractions will not appear)
  • Court warrants
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax liens
  • Physical description of distinguishing body markings like tattoos, scars, and birthmarks
  • History of marriage(s) and divorce(s)

There is much to a criminal record that can be provided and it does dig right into a person’s privacy. It may sound obvious that a person should keep their criminal record as clean as possible, but it does not hurt to be told that every now and then. Life can get a little out of hand sometimes! Keep us, Santa Clarita Bail Bond Store, in mind if there is ever a time in need for us. Someone who is arrested will pay the appropriate punishment after sentencing, but we hold belief to “innocent until proven guilty.” We don’t want people to have to sit in jail for months until their sentencing. Call for our bail services at 661-272-0151. We’re available to talk 24/7!