Working Too Much?

Working Too Much

Working Too Much

As Americans, we are a career-focused society. We want to make money so we can live life however we want. We want to have that luxurious life that we see on social media sites. We also want to do better than our parents, because we’ve seen them struggle. This leads us to work a lot. Working ridiculous amounts of hours seems to be glamorous to some extent. When we start working a lot we often lose track of time.

When we lose track of time, you start losing your mind in a way. You become forgetful of other tasks that don’t directly pertain to work. Family events or a friend’s birthday can easily be forgotten, especially if they’re the same week as a big work project. Work can take over our minds and lives far too easily.

Not only does working too much take a toll on our minds, it also takes a toll on us physically. Grey hairs can start popping up due to too much stress. Your eyes may become red, puffy, or black from lack of rest. You may feel drained physically and mentally if you’re working too much. If your work causes you to stress out a lot, it’s also harming your health.

You may be working too much if you start dreaming of work. If all of your conversations are related to work, and you eat and breathe your job, then you’re probably working too much. Work shouldn’t take over your life. If you’re constantly worrying, dreaming and thinking about work, you’re not taking the time to think about yourself. Not only are you not thinking about yourself, you’re forgetting about your family.

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