Are You Sure You Want to Post That Online?



Employers are not the only people you should be worried about when you think, “I shouldn’t post that on social media.” These days, friends, family, police officers, activists groups, and even the general public need to be taken into consideration. Everyone is on social media and you never know whose hands your content can end up in.

Did you know that many law enforcement agencies now have special units that focus on delving into social media accounts, looking for evidence of criminal activity? People are too trusting, and even boastful, on social media. They over-share. This can end up hurting the individual and benefiting the police. Things like threats, photos with guns, and photos that are taken from a trespassing point of view can be incriminating. The police can use this to issue an arrest.

So the basic lesson here: think twice before posting on social media, and really consider if it can be something to come back and hurt you in the future.

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