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For over 25 years Acton Bail Bond Store has been serving the state of California. This means we have more experience at bailing out your loved ones than any other bail agency. Our agents are determined to make bailing out you friend or family member as quick and easy as possible for you.

The thing is

Bad things do happen, and sometimes they happen to good people. Luckily Acton Bail Bond Store is here to help. Our bail agents will help you during this difficult time. They’ll be with you through every step of the bail process and make sure you understand what is going on. We want your time with us to be a good one.

Working with you!

Our bondsmen off...

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Little Rock Bail Bond Store| Bailing People out in California

Little Rock Bail Bond Store

  • Professional Bail Help
  • No Interest Bails
  • Customized Payment Plans
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Hablamos Español

Little Rock Bail Bond Store is a family owned company that has been bailing people out in California since 1987. Our bail agents understand the importance of family and will help bail you or your loved ones out of jail as quickly as possible. Our bail agents want to help you reunite your family.

Sometimes Jail Happens

No one ever wakes up planning to go out and get arrested but unfortunately thousands of people get arrested everyday, and that’s just in California. Our bail bondsmen believe that it is possible for someone to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and it is why they’ll help you bail out yourself or someone you know...

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Little Rock Bail Bond Store| Bail Agents To Help You

Little Rock Bail Bond Store

  • Open 24/7
  • Over The Phone Approvals
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Collateral With Working Signer
  • Hablamos Español

Little Rock Bail Bond Store is one of the largest and most successful bail bonds agencies in California. We have over 37 licensed bail bondsmen bailing people out in every courthouse and jail in the state. Our trained bail agents make bailing a friend or family member out of jail quick and hassle free.

Little Rock Bail Agents To Help You

Little Rock Bail Bond Store bail agents are available night and day, 24/7. Warrant checks and consultations are free and our bail agents will answer any questions you might have about bail...

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Palmdale Bail Bond Store Is The Perfect Solution

Palmdale Bail Bond Store Call 1-661-272-0151 today to speak to a licensed bail bondsman who can help you obtain the release of those who have been arrested and detained.

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How Bail Hearings Work

Palmdale bail bonds

Bail is usually set by the court as a monetary figure that must be paid by you, the defendant, in order for you to be released until the next court proceeding. If you appear as required, the bail money is released when your case concludes. If you fail to appear for a proceeding, then the amount of the bail is forfeited to the court.

How bail hearings work

When you are charged with a crime such as DWI, you may be subject to a bail hearing. It sometimes is necessary to wait in jail until the hearing can be held.

In California, a bail hearing takes place in court, where the bail amount, if any, is determined. If the judge believes that you may be a danger to the public or that you are not likely to return to court for future proceedings, the judge may require you to pay bail.

Several fact...

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How long Is the Bail Bond Store Process in Lancaster & Palmdale

Palmdale Bail Bond Store

How Long Will It Take?

Our agents are quick and efficient, we utilize ‘state-of-art’ computer equipment and services to process all applications, credit cards, and deliver the necessary documents to get your friends and family released as quickly as possible. Then, it is up to the jail, or release center to take these documents (Power of Attorney) and release the defendant. How long it takes to release a defendant is often determined by how efficient the corrections officers are, and how many other people have been arrested before your friend or family member. Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights and holidays are usually very busy. Being realistic, in some counties it can be from four to 10 hours after the “bail bond agent” has delivered the documents to the release center...

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Palmdale Bail Bond Store – the faster bail services in Antelope Valley

Plamdale Bail Bond Store

Since 1987, Palmdale Bail Bond Store has been bailing people out of jail making us one of the oldest and most trusted bail bonds agencies in the state. Our expert bail bondsmen will provide you with fast, confidential and courteous services to make the bail process less stressful for you.

Our customer service represents our main and official introduction to you. We know that people are afraid of what they do not know, such as this industry. However, our customer service can turn any negative story into an encouraging one. You will no longer be hit with jargon and technical terms...

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Lancaster Bail Bond Store – Be Treated With Dignity and Respect

Palmdale Bail Bond Store

Lancaster Bail Bond Store wants your experience with us to be a good one. Our agents will treat you with dignity and respect. The help you through your tough time and answer all questions you might have about bail bonds.

Lancaster Bail Bond Store can get you released from jail quickly and without the ginormous up front cost of paying the court the full amount of the bail. Using a bail bondsman can be a cheaper and easier alternative then paying the court on your own.

Not only is using a bail bonds agent cheaper and faster than paying the court on your own, they are much more helpful to you than the court will be. Unlike courts, Lancaster Bail Bond Store bail agents will keep you up to date and remind you of all court dates so you don’t miss any...

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What Happens To My Bond If I Miss My Court Date?

What Happens To My Bond If I Miss My Court Date?

Bail bonds are posted to ensure a persons appearance to court hearings. This bond ensures that the defendant remains free during the court process. Bail bonds remain one of the best forms of pre-trial release.

If a person misses or is late for a court date the court starts a series of steps. First, the Judge will forfeit the bond. This means that the bail bond is now in jeopardy. This forfeiture triggers a notice to the bail agent and the insurance company. These parties start their own processes to ensure the defendant returns to court.
Second, the Judge issues a bench warrant for the failure to appear and informs law enforcement. This warrant may be issued for a different amount than the bail bond posted.

You still have options. The bail agent can reinstate the original bond...

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Palmdale Bail Bond Store & Bail Bond Storeman In Los Angeles County CA

palmdale bail bonds

In the Palmdale and Lancaster area, Palmdale Bail Bond Store has been the number one source for bail for over 27 years. You can call 24 hours, 7 days a week to talk to a local bail agent.

For free bail information, please call Palmdale Bail Bond Store at 661-272-0151.

Let our family of bail agents help your family during this stressful time. Our local agents work directly with the jail personnel for immediate release of your family member or friend. So the bail process is fast.

To make the bail bond affordable, our bail agents will customize a payment plan to meet your financial need. Our payment plans are ALWAYS at 0% financing. More importantly, there are no hidden fees. What we tell you over the phone is the same as what we tell you in our bail office.

Palmdale Bail Bond Agents pride...

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