What You Need To Know About Vaping in California

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These days you are almost more likely to see someone vaping than to spot a traditional cigarette smoker. Many of the younger generation have turned to vapes and e-cigs as opposed to traditional cigarettes. There are a few concrete reasons why vaping continues to become a more popular alternative

  • There is less odor connected to vapes
  • More flavor choices
  • It’s more economical
  • Some think it’s safer
  • Vaping is considered to be more socially acceptable
  • Since there is less mess, vaping is more convenient
  • Vaping is more customizable

While there are some key differences between vaping and smoking, California lawmakers treat the two habits the same. The same rules that regulate smoking in California also regulate vaping.

The Minimum Age for Vaping

No one who has not yet passed their 21st birthday is allowed to smoke or vape in California. The state has a zero-tolerance policy. If you’re caught vaping and you are under 21, you will face legal consequences. Stores are not allowed to sell vapes or vaping products to anyone who can’t show documented proof that they’re at least 21. If you’re caught supplying vapes or vaping products to a minor, you’ll face legal charges.

Retailers aren’t the only ones who will get into trouble if they’re caught selling vaping supplies to a minor in California. Friends, relatives, and even parents aren’t allowed to supply a minor with any vaping products. Doing so is considered to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If you’re convicted you could be issued a fine or even sentenced to jail.

You’re Limited to the Locations Where You Can Vape

When e-cig first hit the market, one of the most appealing things about them was that they allowed users with a way to smoke in buildings and other places where smoking was prohibited. That’s no longer the case. You’re not allowed to vape while in a public building, government building, hotel lobby, or on school grounds. Getting caught vaping in a place where the act is prohibited will result in a large fine.

Different California Cities Have Different Rules

If you’re into vaping, you need to pay attention to what city you’re in. Some cities, like Los Angeles and Beverly Hills have far stricter laws than the state. For example, if you’re in one of LA’s unincorporated areas, vaping (and smoking) is strictly prohibited. Beverly Hills completely prohibited smoking and vaping in 2021. The only exception is the three smoking lounges that continue to operate in the city.