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Your Child’s Habit of Skipping School Could Result in You Spending Time in Jail

Your Child’s Habit of Skipping School Could Result in You Spending Time in Jail

You can tell your kids to go to school, you can even drive them there and watch them enter the building, but at some point, you lose control of their actions. If they decide to sneak out the back door and skip school for the day, there’s not much you can do about it. Right? […]

Weird and Wacky Laws in Hermosa Beach

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Just about any city you visit will have at least one strange law that makes you wonder what the city officials were thinking when they passed it. California’s Hermosa Beach has several such laws. Don’t You Dare Dump Salt on the Street If you walk down the street sprinkling salt in your wake, don’t be […]

Using GPS in California Could Result in Legal Trouble

Using GPS in California Could Result in Legal Trouble

Very few of us even carry a map in the car with us. Why would we when GPS is so much more accurate and gives us directions while we actually drive. As wonderful as GPS devices are, if you’re driving in California and using one, you need to be careful. Like most states, California has […]

You Can’t Just Camp Here

You Can’t Just Camp Here

When you travel the U.S., you get to experience what each state has to offer. You also have to be aware of the laws in each state since not all of the states are the same. While you’re traveling through California, you may feel like camping out instead of stopping at a hotel. This is […]

Surviving the Heat of Summer


California typically loves to warm up sooner, so it’s time to start preparing for that heat. If you don’t stay out of the heat, you can end up suffering from heat stroke or passing out. Knowing your body’s limits is important when it comes to heat. Plus, limiting your sun exposure can help lessen your […]

Bail Agents Are People Too


We get caught up in the world around us most of the time and forget to remember that we are all human. For most of us,it feels like we are on the go 24/7. Due to that fact, when things don’t go the way we planned, we blow up on the nearest person. We get […]

When Shouldn’t You Leave Your Pet or Child in the Car?


Should California Leave the US?


The rumor mill is turning again about states seceding from the United States. This seems to be a reoccurring trend whenever we get a new president. Back when President Obama took office it seemed like Texas and a few southern states wanted to secede. Now, with President Trump in Office another state wants to secede, […]

Noise Complaints: Be the Peace Keeper

Noise Complaints

We all want to be in control of our lives. We want to decide when we sleep, and when we wake up. However, if we have unruly neighbors or loud kids, we may find ourselves lacking control. That lack of control can lead you to try to fix things and eventually trying to take matters […]

Memorial Day Is Not Veterans Day

Memorial Day Is Not Veterans Day

There are several holidays that are prime BBQ days with the family. These holidays are typically in the summertime and give us a good excuse to eat delicious food. If we’re being honest, most of these holidays we know are important, but we’re not always clear on the meaning behind them. Plus we may even […]