Summer Is Peak Season for Travel – and Jail/ Bail?


Grab those passports, pack your bathing suits, and charge up your camera, you are going on vacation! Summer undoubtedly is the peak travel season with people going anywhere from the next closest major city, to as far as Europe and Asia. If you are traveling, we have one bit of advice: do not get arrested.

We know getting arrested isnot on your travel itinerary, but what can you say for those who have been arrested in the past while traveling? It definitely wasnot on their agenda.

Getting arrested in another place that is not your home state, can be very problematic. You will have to go to court in the state you were arrested in, which means you will either have to spend money and time traveling back and forth, or you will need to stay in that state indefinitely. Getting arrested in another country is an even bigger hassle because international relations are not always so forgiving.

Getting arrested within California is the most “ideal” if one were to choose where they would be arrested, but of course, not getting arrested at all is the goal. For anyone doing any traveling these next few months, we recommend reading up on common laws and practices so you know what you should and should not do in the places you visit.

If you, or someone you know, is arrested within California’s borders for a crime committed here, get in touch with Palmdale Bail Bond Store online or at 661-272-0151 so your bail process can be sped up and more affordable.