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Animal Rescue Scam

animal rescue scams

A lot of people out there love animals. This is why so many people own cats, dogs, and other critters. Typically, animal lovers will do whatever they can to help animals, especially those in need. It is a very admirable quality. Unfortunately, some bad people out there have figured out how to take advantage of that.

Scammers know that they can play with people’s heartstrings in order to steal money from them. They’ve figured out that by pretending to be from a local animal charity and giving some sob story about an animal, they can get people to give them money without much question.

Animal Shelter Donation Scams

Thanks to advances in modern technology, scammers can get in touch with people through various different channels. They can get in touch with you through:

  • Email.
  • Social me...
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California Drunk in Public Laws

public intoxication laws in california

Most people like to go out and party from time to time. After all, it is nice to cut lose and forget about any responsibilities for the evening. Often times when people do this, they like to consume alcohol. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there are ways that people can get themselves into trouble with alcohol.

Everyone is aware of the obvious problems with drinking and driving, but there can also be problems for just being drunk and out in public. If a person is so drunk that they begin to risk their own safety or interfere with others, they can get into legal trouble.

California Penal Code 647f

California Penal Code (PC) 647 is the state’s law against disorderly conduct. This law covers things from begging for money to prostitution...

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Don’t Let Road Rage Ruin Your Life

road rage

With summer in full swing, people from all over the state of California, and the rest of the country, are busy enjoying summer their vacation. While this is fun for a lot of people, the trips can be a bit taxing. Nobody likes to be stuck in a car for extended periods of time. Doing that can make just about anyone cranky. If this affects the driver, it can easily lead to a bit of road rage.

Pretty much every driver out there assumes they are better than everyone else at driving. Their feelings often get “proven” when another driver makes a bad decision. This can lead to road rage, which if not kept in check, can quickly spiral out of control. One Alabama woman recently learned this fact the hard way.

Road Rage Shooting Incident

In Dodge City, Alabama, couple were driving their car wh...

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Making Halloween Safe and Fun

Making Halloween Safe and Fun

The spookiest day of the year is creeping closer and closer. With Halloween right around the corner, many kids are preparing themselves for a sugary feast. Meanwhile, parents are doing everything that they can to keep this Halloween both fun, and safe. While Halloween is meant to be a scary holiday, it should be safe for kids.

Of course, there are the more obvious safety tips such as:

  • Plan a route in advance.
  • Stay on sidewalks.
  • Stay well-lit.
  • Check kids candy.

There are also tips about what kind of costumes should be used, such as:

  • Wear comfy shoes.
  • Avoid masks.
  • Avoid costumes that drag.
  • Use flexible props.
  • Doing these quick little things will help a parent keep their kids safe this Halloween, but what about making sure this holiday is fun as well?

    Not every neighborhood is a ...

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    Reckless Driving in Los Angeles and California

    Reckless Driving in Los Angeles and California

    Recently, a video surfaced of a group of cars taking over an intersection in South Los Angeles late one night. The video shows at least three separate vehicles doing doughnuts through the intersection at the same time. Meanwhile, spectators look on from the sidewalks, some dangerously close to the vehicles.

    To some people, this may look like fun, but most others see that this is a very dangerous. Not only did this block traffic in the intersection, but it put many people in danger. While it is unclear if any arrests were made in relation to this incident, it is likely that if any of the drivers were caught, they would have been charged with reckless driving.

    California Vehicle Code 23103 makes it a crime for any person to drive their vehicle in a reckless fashion with complete disregard...

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    Can I Get in Trouble with a Drunk Minor in My Vehicle?

    Can I Get in Trouble with a Drunk Minor in My Vehicle?

    It’s the call every parent hopes to get – the call of a responsible teenager. Imagine this, your teenage child asks to go out with some friends for the night. With the promise of not getting into trouble and being home by 10:00 PM, you agree. Now, it’s 10:15 and your child still isn’t home when the phone rings. As a parent, there is an immediate pit in your stomach but this time it’s simply your child calling for a ride home after they consumed alcohol.

    We know that your first reaction when you hear that your child has been illegally consuming alcohol is to be angry. However, take a deep breath and pause for a moment. Rather than driving themselves home or getting into the car with a potentially intoxicated friend, or a stranger, they called you to come and pick them up.

    As yo...

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    Is Leaving Parking Tickets Unpaid a Good Idea?

    Is Leaving Parking Tickets Unpaid a Good Idea?

    Tickets are never fun to deal with. Nobody wants to get them, because not only does it mean we did something wrong, it means we are going to have to pay a fine. Nowadays, fines are pretty expensive. Here in California, the average cost of parking ticket is anywhere from $40 to $60. The price of the fine depends on the severity of the infraction.

    Luckily, the majority of traffic violations are only infraction level offenses. This means that the worst a person can face is a small fine. A person rarely receives any jail time for an infraction. However, knowing this doesn’t make getting an infraction any easier. It can still bruise our ego, and hurt our wallets.

    This is why some people will sometimes choose not to pay for a parking ticket, which is never a good idea...

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    Credit Card Chargebacks Lead to 10 Year Prison Sentence

    Credit Card Chargebacks Lead to 10 Year Prison Sentence

    When most people hear about credit card fraud, they automatically think about things like identity theft or card holders who don’t pay off their balance each month. Few are aware that there’s another type of credit card fraud that involves credit card chargebacks.

    When you pay for an item only to decide that you no longer want it or that it doesn’t work properly, you return it to the store. If you used a credit card for the initial purchase, the store does a chargeback. If that doesn’t work, you’re also free to call the credit-card company and request that the money be restored to your credit card account...

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    How Bail Works for Undocumented Immigrants

    Antelop Valley Bail Bonds

    A United States citizen who is arrested for committing a crime will stand before a judge to learn whether or not he or she can post bail to be released from custody pre-trial. What happens if an undocumented immigrant is arrested? Will they be handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and then deported as soon as possible?

    Undocumented immigrants are not left hopeless if they are arrested. They are not automatically deported. Although they are not citizens, they still have rights and resources that will assist and protect them as much as possible, including a handful of immigration bonds. The immigration bond will allow the immigrant to be released from custody until his or her court date.

    Delivery Bond
    For someone to be released on a delivery bond, the immigrant has to...

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    What is Bail and Why does it Exist?


    Bail exists because it is unconstitutional to hold a person in jail for an unreasonable amount of time after their arrest, but before the declaration of guilt or innocence at the end of trial. Bail is the amount of money a person will owe to the court in order to be released from custody during the trial. The Judge will decides how much the bail is. The judge makes the bail decision based on the crime committed, the defendant’s ties to the community, his or her criminal record, and the threat the defendant may pose to the community.

    Bail can be paid in 100% cash to the court, up-front, and then the defendant will be released, or 10% of it can be paid to a bail bond company like Antelope Valley Bail Bond Store, who will then act as a surety...

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