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“How Much Does Bail Cost & How Do I Post Bail?”

What’s better; a bail agent or a bail bondsman? These two titles may sound different but they really mean the same thing. A bail agent is a bail bondsman and vice versa. How much does a bail bond cost? Pricing is dependent on the amount of the bail. In California, bail bonds companies charge 10% […]

Current Events: The Vanderbilt Rape Case

The 2013 Vanderbilt rape case has attracted nationwide attention: four college football players were arrested and charged for the rape of a female student. Two men went to trial first but just recently, the judge declared a mistrial. The two men were allowed to post bail a second time as they await the time until […]

How long Is the Bail Bond Store Process in Lancaster & Palmdale

How Long Will It Take? Our agents are quick and efficient, we utilize ‘state-of-art’ computer equipment and services to process all applications, credit cards, and deliver the necessary documents to get your friends and family released as quickly as possible. Then, it is up to the jail, or release center to take these documents (Power […]