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UCLA Shooting – Please Know the Gun Laws of California

As you are aware, just a few weeks ago, a murder-suicide shook the UCLA community. A student shot his professor before turning the gun on himself. Over the course of the investigation, the police found additional weapons in the suspect’s car and home, and also found another victim in his home. The suspect had planned […]

Palmdale Bail Bond Store Is Thankful for You

Bail bonds are all too often associated with negative thoughts and energy. Considering it is a bond that gets a person out of jail, that is not surprising. At Palmdale Bail Bond Store, we like to view our bail bonds and services with positive and energy. We like to think of this as a means […]

Quality Service, Affordable Cost

In California, there is one bail bonds company who you can trust 100% to get the job done, and that is Palmdale Bail Bond Store. Our family-owned company has been at the top of the bail bond industry for the nearly 30 years they have been in business. Half of the success comes from the […]

Most Affordable Bail Bonds At Palmdale Bail Bond Store

A bail bond is one of the last things anyone ever wants to have to pay, yet if they are in such a situation, it is one of those things that must be paid off; it’s not something that should be shrugged off to the end. Even for someone in a less ideal situation – […]