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The Difference Between Carjacking and Auto Theft in California

grand theft auto in california

On the surface, carjacking and grand theft auto might seem like very similar crimes, but the State of California disagrees.

What is Carjacking

The State of California addressed the topic of carjacking in California Penal Code Section 215. If you decide to take a car that is currently being operated or is in the possession of another person without that person’s permission, you can be charged with carjacking.

In a carjacking case, prosecutors face an uphill battle. In order to convict you of carjacking, the prosecution has to prove:

  • The owner was quite close to the car when you drove away in it
  • That you used either force or fear to gain possession of the car
  • You fully intended to keep the owner from the vehicle on either a permanent or temporary basis

The punishment for being found ...

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The Various Legal Aspects of Owning and Carrying a Knife in California

california knife laws

Some states have incredibly strict laws when it comes to carrying knives. California isn’t one of them. The state actually has a surprisingly permissive attitude when it comes to both open carry and concealed knives.

The general rule of thumb is that yes, you’re free to carry a knife while you’re out and about. Things don’t start to get sticky until it comes to the number of knives you own.

California’s Laws Regarding Carrying Knives

It’s common knowledge that California states you can carry a knife either open or concealed. What is less well known is that there are some knives you can carry concealed and others that must be open carry. If you have a dirk or a dagger, you’re allowed to keep the knife on you, but you’ll have to make sure it’s visible...

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Don’t Let Road Rage Ruin Your Life

road rage

With summer in full swing, people from all over the state of California, and the rest of the country, are busy enjoying summer their vacation. While this is fun for a lot of people, the trips can be a bit taxing. Nobody likes to be stuck in a car for extended periods of time. Doing that can make just about anyone cranky. If this affects the driver, it can easily lead to a bit of road rage.

Pretty much every driver out there assumes they are better than everyone else at driving. Their feelings often get “proven” when another driver makes a bad decision. This can lead to road rage, which if not kept in check, can quickly spiral out of control. One Alabama woman recently learned this fact the hard way.

Road Rage Shooting Incident

In Dodge City, Alabama, couple were driving their car wh...

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Can I Get in Trouble with a Drunk Minor in My Vehicle?

Can I Get in Trouble with a Drunk Minor in My Vehicle?

It’s the call every parent hopes to get – the call of a responsible teenager. Imagine this, your teenage child asks to go out with some friends for the night. With the promise of not getting into trouble and being home by 10:00 PM, you agree. Now, it’s 10:15 and your child still isn’t home when the phone rings. As a parent, there is an immediate pit in your stomach but this time it’s simply your child calling for a ride home after they consumed alcohol.

We know that your first reaction when you hear that your child has been illegally consuming alcohol is to be angry. However, take a deep breath and pause for a moment. Rather than driving themselves home or getting into the car with a potentially intoxicated friend, or a stranger, they called you to come and pick them up.

As yo...

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Is Leaving Parking Tickets Unpaid a Good Idea?

Is Leaving Parking Tickets Unpaid a Good Idea?

Tickets are never fun to deal with. Nobody wants to get them, because not only does it mean we did something wrong, it means we are going to have to pay a fine. Nowadays, fines are pretty expensive. Here in California, the average cost of parking ticket is anywhere from $40 to $60. The price of the fine depends on the severity of the infraction.

Luckily, the majority of traffic violations are only infraction level offenses. This means that the worst a person can face is a small fine. A person rarely receives any jail time for an infraction. However, knowing this doesn’t make getting an infraction any easier. It can still bruise our ego, and hurt our wallets.

This is why some people will sometimes choose not to pay for a parking ticket, which is never a good idea...

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Credit Card Chargebacks Lead to 10 Year Prison Sentence

Credit Card Chargebacks Lead to 10 Year Prison Sentence

When most people hear about credit card fraud, they automatically think about things like identity theft or card holders who don’t pay off their balance each month. Few are aware that there’s another type of credit card fraud that involves credit card chargebacks.

When you pay for an item only to decide that you no longer want it or that it doesn’t work properly, you return it to the store. If you used a credit card for the initial purchase, the store does a chargeback. If that doesn’t work, you’re also free to call the credit-card company and request that the money be restored to your credit card account...

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