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Getting Out Of A Bail Bond Jam


When your loved one is in a jam and needs you to help pay for bail, one of the questions that’s going to run through your mind is, “how am I going to afford that?”

We’re here to help settle this thought that is nerve-racking but also something you do want to do for your loved one.

    Bail vs. Bail Bonds

    You can pay for cash bail which is paying court directly, 100% of the bail amount up-front. Or, you can pay for a bail bond, which costs 10% of the bail amount, spread out into a number of payment installments.

    Payment Methods for Bail Bonds

    It’s likely you’re going to go the bail bond route because clearly, the immediate benefits are much better...

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CA Felon Voting Rights May Soon Change

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Voting rights for some convicted felons in California could soon change – possibly. Currently in California, the law only allows convicted felons to vote only when they have been released from jail and completed parole; their voting rights are automatically restored upon completion. But now there’s a new bill (AB2466) that petitions to give felons the right to vote in California elections while they are serving their prison sentence.

If passed, California would become the third state in the U.S. to allow convicts to vote from behind bars. The other two states that already allow this for their criminals are Maine and Vermont.

The bill...

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What You Can Expect with Rosamond Bail Bond Store


Wondering whether you should help bail your loved one out of jail or not should be a no-brainer. So many horrible thoughts run through your mind about your loved one being arrested: he or she is in trouble, he or she is in danger in jail, he or she is surrounded by some hardened criminals, he or she is alone and uncomfortable. On top of that, you are not really sure what to expect from the outcome of your loved one’s trial. Depending on the crime or situation, will he or she be acquitted? Will he or she be sentenced for a few years, many years, life, or will your loved one sentenced to death?

Well, in California, there is no capital punishment, which should put your worst thoughts to rest. As far as being acquitted or sentenced, that is neither for you, nor us here at Rosamond Bail Bon...

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What Happens To A Bail Bond When Court Is Missed

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When a person is released from jail on a bail bond, they are also making a promise to go to all the court dates they are required to go to. Going to court is a condition of their release. If there is a conflict, it is best to get the other event moved, not the court date. However, if it is really a pressing conflict, they can talk to their lawyer and the judge and request a change of date. The judge may or may not allow it and if he or she doesn’t, that still better show up in court.

If they miss a court date for whatever reason, the bail bond, and thus their freedom from jail, is in jeopardy. The judge may give a warning or forfeit the bond immediately. If and when this happens, the defendant will be taken back into custody...

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Keep In Mind You Can Use Tax Returns For Bail

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As you’re filing your taxes for 2015, you’re probably groaning because it’s just a reminder of all the money the government takes from you. Perhaps you could have gone on a mini vacation. You could have invested it or put it into a savings account. You could have purchased a nice gift for someone. But there may be something you’re forgetting – perhaps you’re going to receive a tax refund!

Your tax refund is money you will get back from the government. With this money, now maybe you can afford that gift, catch up on bills, or even get ahead on a bail bond payment.

Talk with your Rosamond Bail Bond Store agent and let them know they can expect another bail bond payment from you...

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