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Wacky Laws That Actually Exist


Do you ever see something and wonder how it could have possibly come into existence? This is especially true with some laws. There are many strange laws out there. Many of them make you wonder what could have happened to make it necessary to create a law that prevents it from happening again. California is […]

Crazy and Dumb Laws from California and Beyond


Have you ever heard a rule so dumb, that you wondered how it even became a rule? Did you know that there are even some laws like that? There are laws in California that are so dumb, we wonder if they have ever actually been enforced. A few examples from within California are: Sunshine is […]

The Golden State of California has its Share of Weirdness


There is no doubt that California is a pretty dang awesome state to live in. We have an entire coast on one side of our state and major attractions like the Redwood Forest, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and Disneyland. We have great weather, delicious food, amazing wine, many sports teams, and beautiful people. We […]

Fun Facts Are Your Crime Warnings


It’s Fun Facts time! Well, these may be fun facts, but truth-be-told, it might not always be fun, especially when we tell you that these fun facts are all laws that you have probably broken before, and didn’t even know. If you still receive mail addressed to the tenant who lived in your apartment before […]

Welcome To California, Where You Cannot Peel Your Orange in Your Hotel Room

California may be known as the Golden State, with a majestic coastline, warm sunny days almost year-round, and beautiful actors and singers,but this state also has its fair share of weirdness. There have been attempts to regulate some of this by introducing some laws that, back then, may have made more sense. Since then things […]